We have a launch date!! IT’S OFFICIAL, we will be opening our little tasting bar on the 1st of July. What’s it all about? Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll fill you in soon! SINDY SIN GIVES THE WAREHOUSE A LICK OF PAINT Local legend Sindy swoops in with this epic eagle!  We think it […]


Inoculation is to introduce microorganisms, vaccines, or sera by inoculation. You know this because, thanks to the coronavirus, inoculation is currently on trend. In vogue. Hip. Not since frosted tips and razor scooters has such a trend dominated the entire globe. But, as you have deduced correctly, coffee does not have coronavirus, so what does […]


In recent years DR Congo is re-emerging as a coffee origin.  This is the 3rd crop we have purchased in as many years and the region is showing us what it is capable of.  Many small cooperatives are now in action and working together to increase the quality of their coffee.  This coffee is from […]


PNG Baroida AX Washed By Jess Hol I like that this estate, ‘Baroida Estate’, is named after a spirit that subsists in a large river rock. The legend goes the large rock sits in one of the main rivers flowing through the estate and has stubbornly remained in the middle of the river for as […]


Deck your halls and hoppers with SPARKLE blend this festive season. It’s time for our annual Christmas blend, perfect for celebrations, festivities and summer mornings.  You can brew it, gift it or whip up a sneaky cocktail with it. This year we have broken rank with your traditional rum & raisin and instead concocted a […]

Sparkle: Our Special 2019 Christmas Coffee

Christmas is around the corner! This special time of year calls for a special coffee blend. We’ve matched two amazing honey-processed coffees. This stunning blend of Sumatra Kerinci and El Salvador Villa Galicia creates a juicy orange and peach-like acidity, rich flavours of chocolate, ripe berries, pinot & black berry. Drink black, with milk or […]

MICE2019 Interview with our Coffee Heroine Jessica Hol

We had a blast at MICE this year, trying lots of great coffee and talking to legends in the Aussie coffee industry. It was so amazing to see everyone collaborating. It’s definitely got us pumped for what’s to come in the world of coffee! Our Q grader and roaster Jessica Hol was interviewed by Specialty […]

Try our Summer singles!

Colombia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea…we’ve got an amazing line-up this season just waiting for you to taste them! Join us at Macquarie Cafe this Friday 15th as we cup these amazing coffees and chat all things harvesting and flavour notes. Enjoy some delicious food (and coffee of course!) as you learn about coffees from all […]

Summer Singles

We’re starting off the new year with some damn good coffees! Papua New Guinea | Amakai Honey Natural From the volcanic soil at foothills of he Kubor Range in Papua New Guinea comes this hand-picked and sun-dried coffee using only the ripest cherries. This coffee combines the best of juicy, sweet, citrus and complex dark […]

Why loving coffee may be part of who you are

Let’s be honest, we drink coffee because it’s just good. A new study suggests that enjoying that morning cuppa may be a part of your genetic make-up. That’s right. Your morning ritual of turning on the coffee machine may be thanks to our ancestors who have guzzled espresso before us. The study was conducted by […]

Sparkle: Our Special Christmas Coffee

Christmas is around the corner! This special time of year calls for a special coffee blend. We matched a stunning Nicaraguan, with notes of ripe berries, vanilla and candy canes with a sweet, caramel Colombian coffee. Make your coffee sparkle over the festive season! This delicious blend is just like Christmas in a cup. It […]

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew: What’s the difference?

It’s coming into Summer. This means our coffee orders may start changing from hot espresso to chilled. We’re not talking the decadent and lactose-loaded drink with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate flakes that we’re talking about. You may have seen cold brew floating around cafes lately. You may find yourself at a cafe asking […]