The best part of gift giving is the spreading of Christmas cheer. The worst part is Christmas shopping. It is a decidedly uncheerful time of carpark duels, frenetic bells jingling in carols like a ticking time bomb, and withstanding the arctic glower of the overworked shop assistant. 

Let us help you make this time less dire. Here is a list of very cheerful gifts you can buy now for your secret santa, boss, auntie, bestie, or favourite child.


This one is a real treat. Get one for you and a pal for a delightfully silly Christmas.

Learn how to make 3 coffee centred cocktails designed by mixologist Tom Opie. You’ll learn how to match different coffee extraction methods with various ingredients, and have a great time drinking and sampling your concoctions.  Gift it now.


Simple, yet effective. Two bags of outstanding coffee – our Sparkle Blend, curated just for this season and reminds us of spiced chocolate rum balls, and one of our premium single origins for them to explore the flavours unique to that region. They’re both roasted to be enjoyed black or with milk – simples.  Gift it now.


If you know someone with a home espresso machine, or is thinking about getting one, this is for them. We partner with Breville for this course, who we think are just outstanding in the home machine sector. They’ll learn the tricks and tools of the trade on how to fine tune their coffee game and get the most out of their machine, which all translates into getting the most delicious coffee every time. And they’ll get a 250g bag of our Sparkle Blend. How can it be wrong. And they (or you) get a physical voucher in the mail so you can hand it over wrapped in a ribbon and see first hand the joy and sparkle in their eyes when they see how much brighter their future is about to become.  Gift it now.


If you know someone who doesn’t just drink coffee, but lives and breathes coffee – look no further. Your present shopping is done. You’ll give them this pack which includes our Sparkle Blend, Oh! Blend (certified organic and certified delicious), Rhythm Blend, Liberty Blend, and three single origins. Seven 250g bags of coffee. Yep. You will be their favourite person for a long time.  Gift it now.

There. Christmas shopping done. Go make yourself one of those coffee cocktails we were talking about to celebrate.