I recently replaced my stained, wobbly, squeaky, not-very-convincing pine veneer Kmart coffee table, with a very snazzy, authentic (to my knowledge) mid century modern coffee table. It’s solid, it’s elegant, it’s handsome. It came to me in such good condition, and it will leave me with multiple watermarks which I was annoyed with at the time but have now made peace with. Gives character. 

And while I think my coffee always tasted pretty good – it sure looks a whole lot better perched on my handsome mid century modern coffee table. With a dashing cork coaster in between. I am learning. And because it looks better, it tastes better. 

I’ve now gone down a rabbit hole of coffee-enhancing tables. Not as a replacement, mind you, but for when I have a multi-winged abode the requires multiple coffee tables. For the purposes of pairing the coffee with the table that will bring out the coffee’s individual characteristics and nuances. And when the coffee tastes better, the table looks better. It’s a upward spiral.

This one would pair perfectly with the Guatemalan Sierra Madre. Smooth, sweet, a little fruity.

This cheerful number would accentuate the Geisha from PNG Baroida. Bright, fresh and of course, floral.

I would recommend the Kenya Giakanja with this table. It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s versatile. It’s strawberries, peach and orange peel. You know you’re going to have a good time.

And with this mix of classic and eccentric table, I would love to sip on the El Salvador Finca St Antonio. The smooth chocolate undercurrent is enlivened with spiced syrup and Kanzi apple.

Until next time, may your tables be beautiful and abounding with coffee.