Don’t pack away your tux and frocks just – award season isn’t over yet baby!  The Empty Cup Awards is underway. Unlike the other, better known award ceremonies, this one is uncompromising, unbiased, unceremonial. And of upmost importance. The #emptycupawards bring to account the instances that the movie and television industry bring shame and embarrassment […]


I have a pet peeve in TV. Something that really irks me when I see it. Sometimes it happens in movies but more often than not it’s a misdemeanor perpetrated by television series of the police, lawyer, and soap variety.  It’s the imaginary sip of imaginary coffee. The mug is real, but that is where […]


It is one of life’s simple, great, God given pleasures to spend an hour or two with a good book and a good cup of coffee. And when I say good, it’s not because I’ve run out of adjectives (or adverbs? I never learnt this at school [sub parentheses – but I do run out […]

Coffee (art) History: Laurette’s Head With A Coffee Cup

I’ve been thinking about the influence of coffee in art history recently. Not just its obvious influence of powering many late night painting sessions, and that maybe some works of Jackson Pollock could be explained by one too many cups of coffee. But what about coffee as the subject? Have artists through the ages appreciated […]


We love to support local businesses and social enterprises. We’d love to say that it’s because we’re really philanthropic community warriors, but it’s more because our neighbours are the likes of Poor Tom’s, Baba’s Place, and The Factory and easy to ‘support’ these places when really we just like being there. We’ve another great addition […]