I was reading an article earlier about Bunny Rabbit shows. Light on story, light on drama, even light on comedy. Side note – does anyone else find they need to be in a switched on mood to be watching comedy? If the jokes are too clever and punch lines coming in too hard and fast, I’m gonna miss that whole thing cos I’m on my seventh game of Freecell and I’m just going to see if the cupboard has magically produced corn chips since last I checked 18 minutes ago nope but ooh an individually wrapped Rose chocolate of indiscriminate flavour oh no nougat not great but I’m not a quitter now my teeth are stuck together.

Bunny Rabbit shows are by nature, embarrassing to admit. They have no substance, they’re probably promoting some stereotypical view of mainstream society we believe to rise above in our public lives. But while the Bunny Rabbit genre is light, unchallenging, and inoffensive (except to our intellect), it’s not as simple as it would seem to achieve. It can’t be too much of anything, too engaging, too disengaging, too funny, too dramatic, too boring, too bright, too dull. It is the Goldilocks of genres.

And it got me thinking, is there a coffee equivalent? A coffee you want to drink when you don’t want to think about coffee? We often wax lyrical about the profile, tasting notes, body and structure, always looking out for interesting characteristics. But maybe you’ve been drinking the same East Timor Natural, bold, herbaceous, top notes of grapes and a deep dark chocolate finish for the last two weeks, and now you just want something that’s not – anything.

Unfortunately, we only deal with coffees here that are definitely something, so I never have anything on hand for when I need a hit of bland. But I do change it up, take my taste buds on a new direction. Not a palate cleanser per se, but maybe a palate changer. If I’ve over done it on the high acidity Kenyan, I’ll open a bag of smooth and chocolatey Guatemalan. If I’ve had enough of the sweet caramels of Brazil, I’ll brew a cup of floral Ethiopian.

So I’m retrofitting the definition of Bunny Rabbit coffee to better fit my drinking habits. Rather than drinking something bland and brainless, we’re hopping and bouncing from one coffee to another. And I’m not ashamed to admit that.