We love to support local businesses and social enterprises. We’d love to say that it’s because we’re really philanthropic community warriors, but it’s more because our neighbours are the likes of Poor Tom’s, Baba’s Place, and The Factory and easy to ‘support’ these places when really we just like being there.

We’ve another great addition to the neighbourhood in Box Divvy – part of a social enterprise to support local farmers, growers, beekeepers and chickens, and bring you a box of great quality produce that’s generally a fair bit cheaper than what you get at supermarkets – these are the real community warriors!

There’s a hub in Marrickville, but they’ve also got 130 hubs from Illawarra to Coffs Harbour, so if you’re not here, maybe there’s one near you there! But, if you’re in the Marrickville one, you can add a bag of our coffee to your order, so I think that’s incentive enough. Or you can start your own hub if you’re feeling the super local warrior power.