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From humble beginnings in a neighbourhood garage in Sydney, Angus and Jess have been roasting delicious coffee and helping their community find their flow since 2010.

Black Market Founders

To them, coffee is so much more than a habit, it is a positive distraction that brings people together. Their community now spans across many neighbourhoods around Australia and are passionate about providing a positive environment and pathways for young people entering society.

Today you will find them in marrickville roasting or training a group of young people. Help grow their vision for a more connected neighbourhood.

Join the Black Market

As professional coffee trainers and roasters we have developed a short barista course just for you to help you make your finest coffee. It’s free and you can access it by clicking here.
We love giving back to our community. Black Market Coffee supports grass roots organisations locally while subsidising free training for disadvantaged youths, so each time you choose Black Market for coffee, you are helping your local community.

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The Black Market Coffee Tasting Experiences is a sensory journey that peeks behind the bar into the world of a specialty coffee company. Curated by Q Grader Jess Hol and Sommelier Matt Dunne, the experience will guide you through 4 different coffees both hot, cold and from all over the world paired with 4 small food offerings.

In the spirit of continually finding new and exciting flavours, each pairing will stay on the menu for 8 weeks. We’ll push your sensory boundaries and help you appreciate the finer things in coffee.

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