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By challenging traditional structures, Black Market Coffee delivers the world of specialty coffee to all neighbourhoods and opens the door to the world of specialty coffee.

Black Market Founders

Founded in 2016, roasting on a 5 kg Renegade in a Garage in Oyster Bay, these were humble beginnings. Jessica Hol and Angus Nicol have brought this company to life after finding success with a number of cafe startups. Jessica from a fine dining and corporate media background and Angus from esteemed ‘dishie’ to finance, their skill sets aligned. From boundary pushing coffee training to exotic single origins, the Black Market Coffee Crew are here to serve.

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The Black Market Coffee Tasting Experiences is a sensory journey that peeks behind the bar into the world of a specialty coffee company. Curated by Q Grader Jess Hol and Sommelier Matt Dunne, the experience will guide you through 4 different coffees both hot, cold and from all over the world paired with 4 small food offerings.

In the spirit of continually finding new and exciting flavours, each pairing will stay on the menu for 8 weeks. We’ll push your sensory boundaries and help you appreciate the finer things in coffee.

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