Bright Roast Ethiopia coffee beans bag held in hand in our Roastery

Coffee of February: Bright Roast Ethiopia

Our farmer Tesfaye Bekele is so passionate about coffee farming that he has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America to visit coffee farms and learn about different cultivating and processing methods. This washed coffee is from Guji, where the most original Arabica varieties, known as Heirloom, grow. Under Heirloom you find wild varieties that elaborate […]

agua de sapo


We’re taking stimulus from Central America this Febrary Fika. They make good food, good music, and good coffee. In my mind that more than qualifies them to expert fika status. EAT Arepas! I’ve been going to town on this Colombian staple. My Colombian friends say they live off a diet of coffee and arepas, and […]


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. I reckon it’s in my top four. Truly, I love it that much. I’ve just found out that most of my favourite veggies are in season this time of year. Sadly I didn’t know this earlier because of our access to all things all the time, but maybe […]


I know not all of us are summer people, and I used to be one of those. But now I’m not not a summer person, January is my favourite. Yes it’s hot and sticky and blah blah I don’t want to hear it because think of those loooong afternoons! There’s no errands to run, just […]

We give you the gift of a gift guide!

I’m terrible at thinking of good presents for my loved ones. General acquaintances are no problem – here, have some shortbread. Merry Christmas and be on your way. But loved ones are tricky. Actually caring about the person can make for a burdensome shopping experience. Do you get them something they need or something they […]


Missing your usual cafe breakfast?  We’ve got your back! Drive on past our Marrickville warehouse and pick up your supplies. We are stocked with plenty of beans and brew gear so you can enjoy a cuppa in the comfort of your own home, or simply swing on by and we’ll make one for you. Pick […]


Brasil Fazenda California This double ferment coffee is challenging the way we think of coffee from this region.  Those who have sampled a few coffees from Brazil in their time, would not argue that Brazilian coffees typically have a flavour profile that consists mostly of nuts and dark chocolate.   In recent years, experimental processing methods […]


Hej! Hur går det? Välkommen till mitten av vintern! It’s the kind of weather to get back to some swedish fika roots don’t you think? They know the cold. They soldier on. They look snow in the eye and say ‘Not today.’ That’s not true. Maybe they do but it snows anyway, and they carry […]

Tasting Bar Launch

Join us for a Sensory Exploration! We are so excited to announce the launch of our tasting bar, which is in every way like a wine and cheese tasting with a delightful vintner, except it’s coffee and treat tasting with a superbly excellent barista.  At the bar we’ll take you through a flight of four […]


I am in no doubt that over the years of your coffee drinking career, you have paused, marvelled, and pondered how coffee puts the world not just on your doorstep, but in your mouth. As I’m writing this I’m in southern Sydney, sipping coffee that was grown in Ethiopia, roasted in Denmark, sent via a […]


We have a launch date!! IT’S OFFICIAL, we will be opening our little tasting bar on the 1st of July. What’s it all about? Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll fill you in soon! SINDY SIN GIVES THE WAREHOUSE A LICK OF PAINT Local legend Sindy swoops in with this epic eagle!  We think it […]


Winter in Australia is a time and place like no other. Where I live especially – right next to bushland, the heat of summer has burrowed deep into the trees, light glows like ember from the white eucalypt bark, and gum leaves like red and green feathers mimicking the lorikeets, or the other way around. […]