We give you the gift of a gift guide!

I’m terrible at thinking of good presents for my loved ones. General acquaintances are no problem – here, have some shortbread. Merry Christmas and be on your way. But loved ones are tricky. Actually caring about the person can make for a burdensome shopping experience. Do you get them something they need or something they want? Something useful or something decorative. Do you price match with how much they’ll probably spend on you? What if they have everything already? What if buying them socks or kitchen utensils offends their ideological identity?

Lucky for you (not for me, my family don’t drink coffee. At this time of year, when buying coffee as a gift is easy and usually enjoyed by the receiver, that kind of attitude is just plain rude) we have some coffee related gift packs that cover all the bases. 

For the secret santa colleague, boss, or friend that you’re never sure if you’re doing presents this year or not:

2 bags of 250g beans $29

You should give great coffee even if they’re not a great colleague, boss or friend.


For Dad, Grandad, or cousin who needs to update their wardrobe with quality threads:

Two bags of 250g beans and a Tee! $50

Smooth as coffee that’s rich and full bodied, with a smooth AS 100% cotton tee that will be full bodied when worn. Cannot promise it will make them rich.

For your sister who loves camping, or friend about to do a lap of Australia in their campervan:

Aeropress Go, 250g ground beans, and a tote $89

The Aeropress Go is a more compact version of the beloved Aeropress, so they can chuck it in their tote and hit the road.

For Mum, favourite employee, or son who won’t leave home:

Barista Foundations Course Gift Voucher $99

If he won’t move out, at least he’ll be able to make you a decent cup of coffee.

Now go forth stress-free and make your loved one’s Christmas! Godspeed.