Nyakabande Washing Station: Washed Grown by small-holder farmers this coffee is sweet, rich, and smooth and delivers everything you need for your morning brew. A touch of fruit and delicious chocolatey base notes carry through from the start to the end. Slow brews will open up the profile and accentuate the fruit whilst espresso will be […]


Blue Bianca Indonesia Year after year these guys produce amazing coffee. So it’s no surprise that we have it in the mix again on our 2022 line-up.  The wet-hulled processing method is unique to Indonesia and imparts flavours onto the coffee that are distinct.  The slightly fermented or pleasantly funky notes add a bit of […]


We love to support local businesses and social enterprises. We’d love to say that it’s because we’re really philanthropic community warriors, but it’s more because our neighbours are the likes of Poor Tom’s, Baba’s Place, and The Factory and easy to ‘support’ these places when really we just like being there. We’ve another great addition […]

Pie and Espresso with Miss Lilly’s Kitchen

Who: Miss Lilly’s Kitchen What: Pies, pastries and cakes…and some good coffee on the side 😉 Where: 571 King Street, Newtown 1. You describe yourself as a maker, baker and creator. What does a typical work day look like for you? Up earlyish and into the kitchen, coffee in hand, I organise the wholesale orders […]

Catch us on Gardening Australia!

Black Market Roasters recently got its 5 seconds of fame on the ABC’s Gardening Australia! Highlighting a few of the reasons we love Enmore, one segment. focuses on composting food scraps even if you live in the city without a garden or don’t have your own compost. The local couple developed an app called ShareWaste. […]