In January, fika really just self-actualises. Those hours that throughout the year were spirited away by ear specialist appointments, school drop offs, key indication officers and efficiency consultant meetings, are now gaping holes in your diary, what with the ear specialist on holiday in Mallorca, school out for summer, and the key indication officers efficiency consultant busy confabulating job titles that will improve productivity output index graphs.

Seize these moments! This is what makes January so bright and peachy. So put down that to-do list, suppress your new years resolutions of being more organised and productive, grab a book, a slice of cake, slap on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, and soak up January.


Summer stone fruit is my favourite. Eating a good mango or a juicy peach reminds me of post surf drives back to the camp site, spotting a roadside fruit stall on the way, skidding in and feasting on fruity flesh in the gravel, juice running down forearms and dripping onto your toes, making your havvies gloriously sticky.

Eat as is (no recipe required), or eat it in this very quick and simple Summer French Cake. I think substituting the vanilla for dark rum would be an excellent choice. A more relaxed way to enjoy it would be simply visit Black Market Coffee Thirroul and get one of our new Baked Peach Bagels with Cinnamon Ricotta and Cold Brew Syrup – yum!


What’s better than enjoying an iced latte (with Liberty Blend!) in the sun? Almost nothing. But an espresso tonic or cold brew on ice cubes prepared with a Timor Leste Single Origin is at least as good.


Writer on Writers: Geraldine Brooks on Tim Winton. One of my favourite authors writes about an Australian heavyweight (that is a metaphoric heavyweight. I’m not privy to his BMI). I find Tim Winton’s books challenging, but captivating once I’m in the rhythm. I have no problems falling into Brooks’ literary worlds, and I know she’ll bring to light Winton’s sparkling genius to my obtuse understanding.

And I try not to bombard you with historical fiction every month, I try really hard. But I’m looking forward to reading The Marriage Portrait. Set in 16th century Italy, a 16 year old woman Lucrezia is married off to a duke – who wants her dead. Duh duh duuuuuuh…


For our Sydney readers – Sydney Festival is on! Here’s what I’m keen for:

Frida Kahlo – The Life Of An Icon

Holding Achilles

Werk It


A month or two ago I decided I was now at an age that I should enjoy listening to classical music without the agendas of helping me to study, or because it’s cool to listen to retro music. The music I grew up with and still listen to is now considered retro so I’ll continue listening to it, but pretend it’s only ironically.

But I’m still learning, and not yet at the stage where I can sit down and think ‘you know what? It’s a Bachy afternoon. Or gee I’m feeling gangster, I’m gonna to drop some sick Beet(hoven)s. No, but That Classical Podcast does. The hosts love classical music, and love hanging out, and makes me love hanging out with them, listening to classical music. They let you in on what they’ve been listening to, old stuff and new, give you some quick fun facts, have a laugh, discover things you didn’t know you loved (like Russian Folk Songs In Choir Arrangements), and help you feel what all the fuss about classical was all these years.