It’s the last month of summer, and I want to enjoy every last bit of these long evenings, and fool myself into thinking humidity and the constant swishing of flies from the deliquescing camembert is the epitome of summer life. EAT Never so much has a recipe embodied fika in February than whipped feta with […]


We’ve got the best neighbours.  You know those ones who give you cups of sugar, baskets of eggs from their productive chickens and bottles of spirits to drink and play with? Yep. They’re our neighbours! Poor Toms’ distillery and Black Market’s roastery have become great drinking buddies and are serving up a Cold Brew and […]


I love traditions. I have new ones every year.  Part of their charm is the promise of a more meaningful season, a chance to slow down and enjoy the moments of the seasons: the first kiss of sunburn, ashflakes falling from a nearby bushfire, each one unique in its own way, and enjoy them with […]

Summer Singles

We’re starting off the new year with some damn good coffees! Papua New Guinea | Amakai Honey Natural From the volcanic soil at foothills of he Kubor Range in Papua New Guinea comes this hand-picked and sun-dried coffee using only the ripest cherries. This coffee combines the best of juicy, sweet, citrus and complex dark […]

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew: What’s the difference?

It’s coming into Summer. This means our coffee orders may start changing from hot espresso to chilled. We’re not talking the decadent and lactose-loaded drink with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate flakes that we’re talking about. You may have seen cold brew floating around cafes lately. You may find yourself at a cafe asking […]

TOOLS: Cold Drip Coffee

Today we are going to see more in depth what a Cold Drip coffee is. Originally from Japan, this cold brew method is fast becoming very popular in Australia. This brewing method is a great choice for summer time due to its option to be served over ice, its gentle extraction process, yielding much less acidity than […]

Cold drip coffee

Cold drip coffee, Cooling and caffeinating you through Summer. Are you getting hot and bothered in this searing heat of Summer? Need something that is ice cold, super refreshing and has an amount of caffeine to keep you pumping all afternoon? Black Market Roasters will explain how cold drip will do the trick. Cold drip […]