I was reading an article earlier about Bunny Rabbit shows. Light on story, light on drama, even light on comedy. Side note – does anyone else find they need to be in a switched on mood to be watching comedy? If the jokes are too clever and punch lines coming in too hard and fast, […]


In the summer holidays, many of us choose places where we feel at one with nature, strip back to basics. Live the simple life. Where the daily responsibilities are swim, eat, nap eat, read, eat, swim (wait 20 minutes), read, sundowners, eat, card game, sleep. We ruminate philosophically to our friends that this is what […]


Matthew’s happy place is behind his coffee machine, where he can fuel his quest for creating the idyllic coffee, from an exquisitely pulled espresso, to impeccably textured milk. And of course, perfecting the cherry on top – the rosetta. He calls himself a hobbyist, but I would say he’s a real coffee enthusiast – on […]

April Fika coffee and skating


You know as specialty coffee lovers, we are different. We are nuanced, we appreciate the details, the excellence, the craft of coffee. Coffee is more than a commodity. It’s a subculture.  And as you’ll know after reading this article, being part of a subculture is a point of connection with all other subcultures, we are […]


In January, fika really just self-actualises. Those hours that throughout the year were spirited away by ear specialist appointments, school drop offs, key indication officers and efficiency consultant meetings, are now gaping holes in your diary, what with the ear specialist on holiday in Mallorca, school out for summer, and the key indication officers efficiency […]


We did a little spotlight on the Yemeni coffee scene this month (check it out here) and I thought, since the middle eastern, hot dusty vibe is one of my all time favourite wavelengths, I’ll just roll it on into this month’s fika too. It’s tasty, and it’s warm. Eat. The Middle East has delightfully […]

What’s Happening at Black Market?

OUR NEW WAREHOUSE The BIG news is that we have a new warehouse! The site is 420m2 and will allow us to finally bring everything under one roof.  Whilst it’s a big empty space at the moment we love the vibe in here.  It has lots of natural light, nice double height ceilings in the […]

Reflecting on the Challenges of Latte Art

Do you remember when you poured your first fire breathing dragon flying over the oriental mountains under a starry sky from nothing but the most perfectly textured milk? Yeah me neither. But I do remember as a young Padawan barista the slow arduous journey of latte art. It’s a long way from dumping that frothy […]

FIKAPAUS! Our new monthly tradition

Have you heard of fika? You have most certainly partaken in fika, but probably under one of its inferior conceptions such as the morning tea, or a smoko. The Swedes have Sweded (a Be Kind Rewind reference for the Michel Gondry fans) the morning tea to give it a depth and richness that elevates this […]

Black Market Single Origins

  PNG TIMOR LESTE Bright Roast Waghi Valley Washed Lutlala Natural Yirgacheffe Kigibah estate sits in the stunning Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands surrounded by towering dark blue mountains. The estate is run by Bill Gardner, an Australian born, raised in PNG. As well as processing his coffee grown at Kigibah, Bill engages with […]

Sparkle: Our Special 2019 Christmas Coffee

Christmas is around the corner! This special time of year calls for a special coffee blend. We’ve matched two amazing honey-processed coffees. This stunning blend of Sumatra Kerinci and El Salvador Villa Galicia creates a juicy orange and peach-like acidity, rich flavours of chocolate, ripe berries, pinot & black berry. Drink black, with milk or […]