If you’ve been to, or heard any stories from anyone that has been to India, you’ll know anything associated with the country described as supernatural is somewhat… natural. India is a land of contrasts and intensities, colour, chaos and mysticism. Everything seems hyper-real and surreal. The story of Brother Baba Budan, the beloved godfather of Indian coffee is the stuff of legend. Naturally.

The supernatural in this case refers to the process. A super – natural. It’s an experimental method utilising multiple processing techniques, old and new, to explore what the cherry at hand has to offer. We’re pretty excited about it.  

Next month we’ll put up a post about this process, look up the magicians sleeve, as they say,* reveal the tricks of the trade. For now we’ll tell you this SLN9 varietal is grown by Pathy Kasivisiwanathan on the Elephant Hills estate, a lush farm 1500masl in India’s south,  surrounded by rainforest, clouded leopards, sloths, bison and hornbills.** 

We’ve roasted it for filter, and we love how this extraction brings out the brightness of lime, a toffee and honey sweetness, and spicy undertones for a full bodied yet complex coffee.

Available on the shelves at our Black Market stores in Marrickville, Enmore or Thirroul, or right here.