Introducing Z’s Espresso

Who: Z’s Espresso | Steve Zhou (Owner)
Where: Kyle House – Shop 2, 27-31 Macquarie Pl, Sydney
What: Specialty coffee and food made with love

Fast Five:

  1. How did you become interested in specialty coffee?

I love drinking coffee. I feel satisfied making great coffee for people who need it.

I’m always trying to learn new, interesting brewing methods to expand my own knowledge.

2. What were you doing before Z’s Espresso?

Driving my coffee van around offices and building sites to serve great coffee.

3. What are the best parts about your job?

Unlimited Free coffee everyday?! Haha.

Meeting new people and being a part of the coffee world.

4. What are you loving on your menu right now?

Batch cold brew and Moccamaster batch filter

5. Favourite brew method & why?

Pour over. I love that clean and fruity finish.