TOOLS: Cold Drip Coffee

Today we are going to see more in depth what a Cold Drip coffee is. Originally from Japan, this cold brew method is fast becoming very popular in Australia. This brewing method is a great choice for summer time due to its option to be served over ice, its gentle extraction process, yielding much less acidity than espresso and a delicate sweetness in the cup.

Here’s BMR’s How To Tips:

  1. Select fresh roasted (a few days old) filter coffee beans that you want to use for your cold drip
  2. We use 60g for this recipe, weight 20g of coffee beans in three different cups.
  3. Set the grinder very coarse for the first cup of beans (Same as for plunger), then set the grinder a bit finer (for paper filter) for the second cup and then for the remain cup grind the beans very fine (stovetop grind).
  4. Now we have three cups with three different size of coffee ground.
  5. Put the ground coffee into the brew chamber in order from the finest one to the coarsest one.
  6. The aim here is to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the brew chamber.
  7. Before we start brewing we need to pre infuse, we do this to make sure to have an even flow of water through the coffee without missing any spot that are dry or not expose to water.
  8. After that we want to make sure to place a micro filter paper (paper filter) on top of the ground coffee.
  9. Pour 750g of hot water in the water container at the top.
  10. Once we have positioned the coffee back to the stand we are ready to start brewing.
  11. Open the valve until you achieve 1 drop of water every 3 seconds, once you are sure that it’s dripping you can relax and wait.
  12. It should take 4 hours to get ready.

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