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We are all accustomed to getting our coffee early in the morning, and this simple ritual simply changes our day, transforming it into something wonderful and imbuing us with the necessary optimism that we need during the day. And while creating and brewing our own coffee might be an interesting thing, the reality is that […]

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Coffee Drinkers Happier? Coffee School Professionals

What are the benefits of drinking coffee beans? People from all over the world tend to relax with a cup of coffee or tea, depending on their own preferences. The interesting thing is however, that when you do make a comparison between the two, you will see that coffee may have just as much benefit […]

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Where to Buy the Best Coffee Beans in Australia

There are numerous places where you can buy coffee beans on the market, but the quality is always different and it can be quite hard to find the best coffee beans in Australia without a lot of web search. Most of us might get their coffee beans from the local shop because they always know […]

LEARN: Honey Processing for Coffee

Ok, so lets clear things up…there is no honey used in the actual processing of this awesome coffee! Honey process coffee is one of three methods of processing used to pre-prepare coffee for roasting and is a popular method in countries where water is scarce. Once the berries are picked they are cleaned and sorted […]

TOOLS: Cold Drip Coffee

Today we are going to see more in depth what a Cold Drip coffee is. Originally from Japan, this cold brew method is fast becoming very popular in Australia. This brewing method is a great choice for summer time due to its option to be served over ice, its gentle extraction process, yielding much less acidity than […]

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Inconsistent Coffee Kills Customers, Here’s 5 Traps To Avoid.

How Much Do You Weigh? In your café how do you ensure that you’re producing a consistent, delicious shot of espresso everytime? Do you rely on your automatic grinder or an amazing barista…hope not!  We all know this is a hallmark of success in the ever-progressing world of coffee in Australia. Black Market Roasters takes […]

TOOLS: What is an AeroPress?

It has been almost a decade since Mr Alan Adler of the US decided to launch a quick brew, super clean, exceptionally simple method of brewing coffee. In Black Market Roasters view, it’s the love child of a Plunger and a Chemex. Read our Brew Guide below. With this new brewing device your coffee will […]

ORIGIN: Costa Rica Aserri

Stats Costa Rica – Tres Hermanas Estate Caturra Honey Process Region: Central Valley – Aserri Micro-region: La Legua de Los Naranjos Altitude: 1670-1750 masl Who Tres Hermanas is tiny coffee farm owned by a dude named Don Miguel Gamboa.  Just last year don Miguel and his family decided it was time to begin processing their […]

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NETWORK: Felipe from La Palma y El Tucan

This month we have interviewed one pioneer in the specialty coffee industry. We managed to pull him aside during his trip to the World Barista Championship in Rimini, Italy to chat about his Company and his passion! He is Felipe Sardi founder of “La Palma y el Tucan” Felipe and his team are growers and […]

Thank You Clovelly

Sometimes is nice just to say THANK YOU! At TopHat and Black Market Roasters, we love coffee and love that we can make a career out of it. So, from the bottom of our cup and the top of our steam wand…THANK YOU CLOVELLY for visiting TopHat and enjoying Black Market Roasters coffee beans! Latte […]

Coffee catching up to wine!

At Black Market Roasters, we not only are passionate about also tickles our fancy! Recently at MICE [Melbourne International Coffee Festival] I [Jess the Roaster] was lucky enough to take part in a cupping session held by Latore & Dutch showcasing coffees from a small and dedicated coffee processing mill in Colombia, El Tucan […]

How hard should I tamp the ground coffee beans?

While this is a very common question I get, it is by no means a really important factor to consider when making coffee at home when compared to bean freshness, dose size, grinding etc. At Black Market Roasters, we have experimented with many different tamp pressures and styles and on a minute scale it makes […]