Do you know who does fika well? Italy. Do you know what they call fika in Italy? Tutto il giorno. Which means ‘all day’. This isn’t true, but I imagine that they don’t need a specific word for taking a moment of your day to enjoy and take in the surrounding beauty, because enjoying the surrounding beauty has been cultivated into everyday existence for a millenia. I’m sure they go to work sometimes, but I imagine mostly they ride their bicycles around the cobbled streets eating gelato in linen shirts and boat shoes with no socks. La vita et bella.


Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake

An authentic Italian treat from a real authentic Italian.


I was going to include the classic Negroni because it’s my favourite, but I realised I’ve already talked about it here, because it’s my favourite. Try this Aperol Spritz instead. Or as well as.

But as it’s really cooling down now, maybe you want something to warm you up from the insides out? How about a Ponce Livornese? A warm espresso with a splash of rum garnished with lemon peel. Si grazie!


Still Life by Sarah Winman

Set just after World War 2 between England and Italy. It’s story about non conventional family life in a culturally rich world, and she paints the scenery and characters with such warmth, I only put it down so I could look up flights to Florence.


Italian Opera.

And why not start with our dear amico Luciano Pavarotti. Get lost in the passione per la vita with La Boheme feat. Pavarotti while salting the pasta water and pouring a sangiovese.