In previous years we’ve done gift guides based on your relationship with your giftee: parent, spouse, boss, secret santa lucky dip. But this year I decided I’ll just do it on dollars. Maybe you have a secret crush on your Kris Kringle recipient – who am I to limit your spending limit? Maybe your folks understand you’ve just bought a new sound system for your car and just can’t be affording top tier presents right now. They’ll be happy that you thought of them.

$20 and under

250g of any of our freshly roasted beans from $15

Coffee and Tasting Experience $20. A sensory treat at our Marrickville roastery. Over half an hour we take you through a flight of four specialty coffees, paired with a couple of tasty morsels that complement the flavour profile. The flight is curated by our Q Grader Jes Hol and sommelier Matt Dunne, and includes a short tour of our roastery.

$50 and under

Aeropress Go $49

Ceramic V60 $34 and filter paper $15

Bean Pack: 250g of Liberty Blend and 250g of single origin of the month $34

BMC Eagle Tee: designed by our talented friend and local legend Sindy Sinn $30

$100 and under

Ceramic Cups (pack of four). $100

Home Barista Hero Course: Good for them, great for you when you invite yourself around for coffee. $99

Porlex Grinder. Small in size, ginormous in quality. I use mine all the time. $89  

$101 and over

Online Barista Industry Knowledge Course: A detailed, theoretical, digital and interactive deep dive into the world of coffee. It lays a solid foundation to give baristas confidence and understanding to grow in this industry they love! And great way to learn about specialty coffee even if they don’t live in Sydney: $129

Accredited Barista Course: A beautiful gift for someone looking to get into the coffee industry, or augment their experience with formal training. This Nationally Recognised Accreditation course is comprehensive, covering invaluable theoretical knowledge, and paired with lots of time on the tools! Classes are in our training facility in Marrickville, and reflect a real working cafe environment, so under the guidance of our trainers, participants gain real working experience. What a gift. $299

Last Minute Gift (What I’ll be buying)

E-Gift card. A gift card is not a booby prize, they’re flipping great. You’re getting them what they really want. You’re saying ‘Hey, I know you and I know you like coffee, and I respect that you know exactly what you want, and I am empowering you to do so.” It’s quick, and open on Christmas Day which may be the biggest drawcard if you’re reading this section. Follow this link and It’ll be under the virtual Christmas tree before the turkey is out of the oven.