We love our team at Black Market Roasters. We’re a merry band of talented, passionate, kind, funny, and sometimes odd folk, who love all things coffee, but more than that, are really great people to have in each other’s lives. Each person brings that je ne sais quoi to the BMR family, and I have no doubt it manifests as the sparkling sweetness we love in our coffee.

So we’re Q-ing and A-ing our squad for you. We want you to get to know the faces behind the flavour, and the flavour of the faces. If that makes sense.

Have you met my friend Dan? I’ll let him tell you all about him.

So Dan, what do you do with Black Market Roasters?

Roast, brew, green bean purchasing, QC, anything has to do with coffee I do a bit.

Take us through a typical day.

Depends on what needs to be done. I can be working behind the espresso bar, in the roastery roasting and QC or harassing Angus if I can buy more expensive coffees.

Tell us a bit about your background before joining Black Market.

Cafe doesn’t do much coffee > Cafe sells too much coffee > Cafe serves quality coffee.

What is the favourite part (or parts) of your job?

Drink coffe… I mean QC and experimenting extractions. 

Do you have any hobbies or passions besides coffee?

I try to pretend that I do…

If you could invent something, what would it be?

An invention that allows me to invent anything

What’s something that’s made you smile recently?

A perfectly matched roast curve.

What are you reading at the moment?

An email.

And also, “Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship with Food” by Rachel Herz

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

My very limited memory capacity has automatically deleted that information I believe. 

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve had?

A cup of filter coffee made with aeropress that tasted exactly like sweet plum, blueberry and fine dark chocolate. 

And yes, sometimes coffee is my meal replacement. 

If you were to join a music band, past or present, which one would it be?

I will probably create one of my own.

Know any good jokes?

Do I look like I have a sense of humor?


Yes it does Dan. And we like it.