Hospitality Hero’s

The average Sydney-sider is very aware of the growth the coffee scene has experienced in recent years, and it’s no surprise when we look at how much Sydney’s food and drink culture has improved as a whole.

This month Sydney celebrated its best with the Sydney Good Food awards. Every year when I read the list of awards it reminds me that I need to keep pushing myself to get out there and experience all the new movements and trends that happen right on our own doorstep. To keep innovating new ways of serving coffee, tasting coffee and the ways in which we experience coffee.

For those of us who have been working in the hospitality industry for years, we can appreciate the time, money and hard yakka it takes to produce quality products and services that make some of these gems in the Sydney stand out from the rest. To those who won awards this week, we Thank You! For all the work you do to make our food and drink experiences awesome and for the hundreds (you know who you are) of other candidates that make Sydney what it is today, we salute you!

Restaurant of the Year – Quay
Chef of the year – Frederico Zanellato, LuMi Bar & Dining
Best New restaurant – Restaurant Hubert
Regional Restaurant of the Year – Paper Daisy
Service Excellence – Astrid McCormack, Fleet
Legend Award – Leon Fink, Chairman of Fink Group
Sommelier of the year – Tim Watkins, Automata
Winelist of the Year – Monopole
Regional Winelist of the Year – Fleet
Bar of the Year – Continental Deli Bar & Bistro
Best Bar Food – Bar Brose
Best Cheap Eat – Bovine & Swine Barbecue Co.
Café of the Year – Paramount Coffee Project
Young Chef of the Year – Noel Jelfs
Food for Good – Parliament on King
The streets of Barangaroo People choice awards – Dead Ringer

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