Emera is back because you loved it – and that is the only excuse we needed to get it back into our roasters and hoppers.

This is a Hybrido de Timor varietal, and believed to be a spontaneous hybrid (that’s the translation of ‘Hybrido’, for those who don’t speak Spanish) between the Tipica and Canephora species, and first discovered in Timor in 1917.

What is particularly great about HdT is its unicorn combination of having a high resistance to leaf rust and being delicious! The underlying prejudice that disease resistant coffees are generally unpalatable, has meant that this varietal has been largely ignored. However we’re delighted to see its growing popularity, as people shake off this fallacy and taste its inherent fruity sweetness and velvety body.

This lot was dried for a whopping 30 days to intensify that natural sweetness, and we’ve roasted it for filter which we think accentuates its bright nectarine and citrus notes. The lingering chocolate texture is quite nice too.

Grab a bag and enjoy!