We’re showcasing coffee from Miguel Fonseca’s farm in Brazil this month. His 84+ crop is situated on the bonny slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains. He’s spent years improving and rejuvenating his land, the soil, varietals planted, and practices and technologies used on the farm. And the quality has skyrocketed. 

Varietal & flavour notes

This crop is of the Mundo Novo varietal, and has everything you love about Brazilian coffee, but even more nuanced. It has the classic smooth and rich texture that beautifully fills out your morning cup, with notes of vanilla, caramelized sugar and chocolate, but the notes of stone fruit and red apple lift it to new heights. 

Roasting & brewing

We’ve roasted it to highlight its chocolate and fruity sweetness, and think you’ll enjoy it as a delicious with a difference piccolo, flat white, or a rich espresso. Grab it here.

Bom* apetite! 

*Not a spelling misteak.