Mahlkonig Grinder Rundown

As many of you know of the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder, It seems to he the new kid on the block but actually they have been making grinders for over 30 years originally for herbs and spices. At Black Market Roasters, as a wholesale coffee supplier in Sydney, we use the Mahlkonig for our coffee tasting or cupping sessions for speed and ground consistency.

Due to its high grinding capabilites of 1.2 to 1.5kg a minute. It is also popular for it uniform particle size as well as being able to grind many different beans for espressos, filter cupping and retail withoutout filling and changing hoppers.

Matt Perger helped this grinder gain recognition with his barista championship display back in 2012, and since then its becoming more and more popular with the specialty coffee scene accepting it as the go-to grinder for their new outlets. Overall we are very happy with the results it produces, though as a typical café operator, it’s use and cost may be better spent on other pieces of machinery, depending on your level of coffee commitment.

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