Here’s your February fika guide guys! This one’s like a parabola, it’s a bit Brigit Jones-ish in the middle, but picks up on either side with some high brow arts and science.

Read: Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko

I’ve just started reading this, and so far, so good! (that just reminded me I haven’t eaten at one of my favourite Vietnamese places for ages and I should rectify that immediately. It’s called Pho An: So Pho, So Good. Hilarious. And really good.) Anyway, it’s a dark comedy about Kelly Salter, a girl trying to avoid both prison, and her family. I’m a few chapters in and it’s already pretty gritty, but heartwarming, and I have a feeling it’s going to get grittier, but hopefully also heart warminger.

Drink: Wine in a can

Yes. Tinned wine. Is it because it’s February and I couldn’t keep my resolution of turning off the TV at 10pm and will probably die alone with corn chip crumbs and salsa on my face? No! Because I want to ! I’ve heard good things about Elephant In The Room’s Chardonnay. Again, drinking chardonnay because I want to, not because I’ve given up, 

Treat: Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Sometimes when I’m going to someone’s house for dinner, I forget that in the organising process I’d rashly chimed in that I would bring dessert. And now it’s the day of the dinner, and I haven’t thought about it since, and even going to the shops to buy ice cream and $4 woolies mud cake takes too much time out of watching the last few minutes of The Crown, Brooklyn 99, Dawson’s Creek etc, I make Red Wine Chocolate cake.

I always have all the ingredients in the cupboard. Red wine, and a 5 year old box of bicarb. If I don’t have all the ingredients, I consult the truth machine for substitutes. No egg? Sub in canned chickpea juice (I kid you not, it’s the most wondrous thing I discovered in 2020). It’s not supposed to rise much which takes off the pressure. It doesn’t need icing, just a dusting of icing sugar or dollop of cream (which I don’t have on hand, but also don’t sub chickpea juice for it). The best part is, I can make it at home, barefoot, listening to Potterless in the background.

The actual best part is it’s sooooo tasty.

Listen: Radio Lab

Do you guys love podcasts as much as I do? I’m currently listening to Startalk, The Moth, RadioLab, Reply All, How To Save A Planet, BBC World Service Documentary, 99% Invisible… and a few others. I can’t pick a favourite, but here’s a tip top episode from Radiolab. They create an uplifting, wondrous world of sound, science and culture, that will make you ponder the marvels of life and the universe, while feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.