The word ‘crisp’ is charming and quaint. It’s only regular uses that I’m familiar with are either as a noun, as in, a potato crisp, or as an adjective. The former conjurers up delicious salty crunchy things and darling English accents, and the latter is really only ever used to describe a clear Autumn morning. I would like to see a study done on the correlation of the arrival of Autumn and the use of ‘crisp’ in our vernacular. I don’t need to see the results of the study, just to know there’s one out there. That’s how proving a point works right?

This is the time to commit wholeheartedly to taking a moment to enjoy the crisp things in life. I’m sure there’s a correlation between the crispness of an Autumn morning, and the enjoyment of fika, and you can’t really go wrong with whatever your choice of cake, coffee, and tune. But here are some of our Autumnal suggestions anyway!


French Apple Cake

The only other use of the word crisp is in reference to a particularly tasty granny smith. In this recipe, baking the apples makes them not crispy, but the addition of rum makes the cake tasty! This cake is easy, moist, perfect size for fika, and makes is a very acceptable vehicle for day time rum.


Our Coffee of the Month – DR Congo, for some sweet chocolate, citrus and floral goodness


The Punch Brothers’ All Ashore is folksy album, full of cool and crisp mandolin riffs.


Not everyone is like me and reads recipes for leisure, but if you are, I highly recommend Dumplings and Noodles by Pippa Middlehurst. Winter is coming, and making your own noodles is cool.! Read it now, and if you are like me, maybe in a few months time you’ll get around to making something. The paper also feels nice which is important. I’ve only made the Dan Dan Noodles, but I’ve made them five times. Soon I will move on to Cripsy Miso Mushroom Bao Buns, not least because its name is so delectable to say out loud.