We have some questions for you.

Do you:

Need more friends and think making great coffee will help (it will)?

Need more friends and think making great coffee with alcohol will help (it really will)?

Need to back up your ‘I’m a coffee nerd’ statement on your dating profile which some actual substance?

Want your home coffee game to be significantly better than your neighbours?

Need another hobby as your partner muscled into your pottery class?

Recently read the Barefoot Investor and want to turn your hobby into your side hustle?

Recently read a google banner ad turning that side hustle into a $253k per month income you can do from your yacht in Tahiti, and are inspired but you don’t like boats so you’ll do it from behind a coffee machine instead?

We also have some answers. 

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these, these are your answers. The following courses are epic and happening right now. They will solve all your problems including hair line mutiny and school bag lunch juice.

Home Barista Hero

If you’re like me and the thought of having to put on pants and leave the house to get a coffee is all a bit too much to expect of me before I’ve had coffee, so the need for a strong home coffee game is essential then this course is for you! Or you just enjoy tinkering around on your espresso machine. Or you just want to hang out and have fun for a couple of hours – then this course is also for you.

We’ve teamed up with the masters of home espresso set ups Breville, to make sure by the end of your time here you’ll know how to get the very best out of your coffee machine (whatever the brand!), and know how flipping fun making coffee at home is.

When: Saturday arvos at 2pm

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Barista Foundations

This course is designed to take your love of coffee and turn it into industry level, nail a trial in a specialty coffee shop skill. Learn coffee theory (essential for making the best coffee ever) and heaps of practical experience in our industry standard training hub. The classes are small so you heals of time with the trainer who guides you through the whole kit and kaboodle. 

When: Friday mornings at 10am

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Latte Art Course

If you’re serious about a career in the coffee industry, well presented latte art is an indispensable skill. Or you just want to know how accomplished you feel after pouring f a silky smooth rosetta. It feels good. I menatlly pat myself on the back every single time. 

You’ll get heaps of tips, guidance and practice in this three hour course, and it works really well in conjunction with Barista Foundations. We even take $30 off for signing up for both!

When: Friday arvos at 2pm

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Coffee Cocktails Course

Do this course with your friends or do this course and make some friends because coffee and booze are good friends and you can’t help but feel the friend energy.

We’ve gotten good friend and super mixologist Tom in to curate three coffee based cocktails. Were big fans of supporting local, so we use lots of Australian and local products. We’re big fans of a night out, so come have a time with us one Saturday night, but we’re also really big fans of a big night in – so when you have these in your cocktail recipe tin, they’ll be just as tasty when you shake down at home in your ugg boots and oodie. Maybe even more so.

When: Saturdays at 5pm

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