April Single Origins

 Origin: INDONESIA | Estate: Blue Java | Elevation: 1500MASL | Process: Wet-Hulled | Variety: S795 | Harvest: June-August

Grown at 1500MASL and harvested late last year, this Indonesian coffee is everything that we have come to expect from this region.  Being a wet-hulled coffee, it has some unique fruity characteristics that have made this region famous.

A full-bodied coffee with notes of orange, apple, spice, plum, caramel sweetness and long dark chocolate finish.

Origin: HONDURAS | Estate: Mary Nery Marquez | Elevation: 1500MASL | Process: Washed | Variety: Bourbon | Harvest: November-February

Mary Nery, mother of five, became a coffee producer out of necessity to sustain her children.  From small beginnings the family has focused on quality, entering the Cup of Excellence program for the first time in 2015 and finishing #6, and again entering in 2016 finishing #8, an outstanding achievement!

Their dedication to quality is evident when we experience this vibrant and well-balanced coffee.  It has notes of Orange, lime and green apple with vanilla and silky long smooth aftertaste.


Introducing our new bright roast! A light profile of roast designed for those who like it bright, our new bright roast is perfect for all your filter brews.

Origin: ETHIOPIA | Region: Anderacha | Variety: Heirloom | Elevation: 1950-2300 | Process: Washed | Harvest: November-February       

For the first Bright Roast of many, our head roaster Daniel has selected this stunning Ethiopian coffee from Anderacha.

Aromatics of citrus and floral, lime-like acidity and silky, delicate mouthfeel. Medium weight with candy sweetness, this unique coffee tastes like orange, white grape, apricot and mandarins.