So Franco, what do you do with Black Market Roasters? Mainly I run different types of coffee courses (Fundamentals, Latte art and Advance barista course) also here and then I visit shops helping them on the coffee side. Take us through a typical day. Depending on the course or how early or late I get […]


Do I start this off my saying that yes this is a myth up front or leave it as a big reveal at the end? I’ll leave it to the end. Build up the suspense first. Thick, golden crema is the stuff of magic. Wrong! Wait, I’m leaving judgement till later. No, it really is […]

Five Gift Ideas for a Coffeeholic

Ah, Christmas. It’s a magical time of year, yet it always seems to creep up on you until you’re suddenly scrambling for present ideas. You need to find a good balance of getting something thoughtful, but not too out of budget. We all know someone that appreciates coffee – let’s be honest, most of us […]

Life After Pro with Kate Shore

What happens after you take one of our barista courses? We chatted to Kate Shore, who trained in our Pro course with us, and has found an awesome barista gig! Where are you currently working? The Pie and Grind Bakehouse in Fairlight. 2. What coffee and equipment do you work with? I’m working with Campos […]

Inside a Barista Competition

Our barista Daniel recently competed in the 2018 AeroPress Regional (NSW) competition. We chatted to him about his experience and what it was like in the lead up. 1) What does the competition involve? The competition overall involves brewing no less than 150ml of coffee using a genuine AeroPress and specifically coffee, water and scales, […]

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is on the rise. What it does it mean, and why should you care? What do we mean by ‘specialty coffee’? Specialty coffee refers to the entire process of coffee, from farming to cup, using single origin coffee. This includes how the coffee is grown and harvested, how it is roasted and then […]

Four key elements to improving your Latte Art

Practice, practice, repeat. It’s true that, to truly master your latte art skills, you have to keep practicing over and over again, take a class…then continue to practice. There are four key elements you want to remember when practicing your coffee art: 1. Height Where you hold your milk pitcher is important for the different stages of […]

Winning at a cafe trial

We are always asked at Black Market Training; “How do I get a job as a Barista?” Naturally you want to know, and prospective employers will want to know that you can make a good coffee. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Amsterdam, the answer is always the same. You need to win over at […]

Coffee Nerd: Extraction

Coffee extraction, simply put, is using a combination of water, temperature, pressure and the length of water coffee ground contact time to bring out the soluble contents (and sometimes insolubles such as fines) into the cup. The word extraction is often used when we talk about the amount and type of chemical compounds that are […]

5 Reasons to brew coffee at home

Making your own coffee at home can seem a little daunting at first. After all, don’t baristas have to train for the job? This is a valid reason to be apprehensive, so we’ve put together five points that will quash any fears you might have. 1. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Do you need […]

How to Create a Great Café Vibe?

There are cafes and restaurants in Australia and the world that serve amazing coffee and yet we have no desire to go there time and time again. Why? Well, we think it’s a vibe “thing”. At Black Market Roasters we love exploring everything café and coffee related. Fit-outs and feelings around a cafe are a […]

How to get a barista job

Have you always adored the taste of freshly-made coffee? Do you dream of getting a barista job behind the counter of your favourite café? A job as a barista is a rewarding experience for those passionate about coffee. You get to work in a fast-paced, exciting scene making your favourite drink to brighten the day […]