Liberty Blend | Free Thinking Coffee

Showcasing the very best of the world’s coffees in one full-bodied, sweet blend.

With hints of cocoa, sweet caramel and a touch of sparkling fruit acidity, pair this with milk or throw it down short for your daily motivation. We’re currently running equal parts Ethiopia, Brasil & Colombia.


Rhythm | Feel the beat

Developed on the shores of the South Coast, this blend brings the best of sweet, full-bodied and perfect for milk-based coffees. With a focus on smooth, round chocolate and rich, nutty aromas, this coffee will have you dancing to the beat! 


OH! Blend | Organic Coffee

This multinational blend might have a few letters after its name [Organic, free from artificial chemicals], though don’t let that impress you. The toasted honeycomb, caramel – choc mouthfeel boats a gorgeous mouthfeel to make any global warming skeptic curious and come back for more! This coffee is alive and kicking and Oh! so Organic.