Australia’s love affair with piccolo lattes

Did Australia invent the flat white or did New Zealand? Well it’s for sure that the Sydney-siders and Melbournians brought the world the piccolo latte.

Australia has been heavily influenced and setup by European immigrants, which brought technology to coffee making. Though we weren’t stuck in the tradition of having to froth Mount Everest in milk every time someone wanted to order a milk based beverage.

Over time we adapted the macchiato, the latte to become a kind of in between, mini-latte or piccolo latte, which satisfies the ‘hit’ of caffeine, while adding more sweetness of milk than a traditional macchiato.

Basically, how to make a piccolo latte, is to drop a single espresso, or double ristretto for extra body, steam you milk to approx. 60 degrees, with very little foam. Pour into a small 4 oz glass and the ration of foam to coffee resembles a mini-latte. With half a finger thickness of foam.

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