TOOLS: What is an AeroPress?

It has been almost a decade since Mr Alan Adler of the US decided to launch a quick brew, super clean, exceptionally simple method of brewing coffee. In Black Market Roasters view, it’s the love child of a Plunger and a Chemex. Read our Brew Guide below.

With this new brewing device your coffee will be ready to drink in less than 2 minutes! 
The simplicity of the methods allows for extractions at home, in the office or overnight at a hotel. 
This is an unique brewing style that allows for the use of a finer grind if desired, maximising the depth of flavour and applies pressure to squeeze out every last ounce of coffee from the grinds. It uses a micro-filter to maximise the clarity of the coffee, removing those grounds or ‘fines’ you get when making plunger coffee.


You Need:

  • 13.5g light roasted, super fresh coffee, ground for filter
  • Freshly boiled water (about 200ml)
  • An AeroPress with a paper or metal filter
  • Coffee Mug

Get Brewing:

  1. Place filter paper in the screw cap, wet with hot water
  2. Screw the cap onto the chamber
  3. Place chamber over your mug and add the coffee grounds
  4. Place 200ml of water just off the boil
  5. Stir gently to ensure all grounds are wet
  6. Place the plunger in the top and very slowly press down, taking 20 seconds to finish
  7. Stir your liquid and enjoy!

At Black Market Roasters, we wholesale and retail single origin filter coffee, roasted fresh in Sydney. For a wholesale quote and a rundown on what we do, fill out our FORM and we will help to get brewing sweet coffee in no time!

Aeropress brew guide


At Black Market Roasters, we roast exotic, sweet single origins from around the world, perfectly suited for filter methods like cold drip and Aeropress. Head over to our Wholesale Page and we’ll be in touch! Being specialty coffee roasters based in Sydney, we supply wholesale coffee beans, tea, chai and chocolate to cafes weekly.