The Aussie Coffee Scene

Coffee culture in Australia is huge. Stopping by your local cafe for your preferred cup of joe and an avo toast has become part of the daily routine. Whether in the cafe or at home, Australians are always on the search for quality in their coffee, setting the coffee scene apart from those abroad. We’ve been lucky enough this month to bring in an awesome example of great Australian coffee to our hopper!

The Australian identity is a combination of cultures from around the world. Expats have been the driving force in Australian cafes adopting various kinds of coffees and importing beans from around the world. We know the cafe culture in Australia is growing larger and experimenting with new ideas.

How does our coffee bean scene measure up?

When we think of Australia, we think dry and hot. The bulk of our land is not suitable for farming underneath unrelenting sun with limited rainfall.

Arabica coffee has strict growing conditions that require a sub tropical climate. However, we’re an innovative bunch, and coffee farmers are utilising microclimates from Northern Queensland down to Coffs Harbour. These climates are similar to tropical climates abroad, like Hawaii. Here they utilise advancements in technology for farming and machinery to assist in producing the best possible quality beans.

Australian grown coffee is considered one of the most naturally processed coffees in the world. This is due to a lack of pests and diseases that require the use of pesticides or herbicides throughout the farming process. Just like its country, Aussie coffee is unique. It is noted for its sweetness, chocolate/nutty flavours and medium body. Most popular for coffee farming is the border of NSW and Queensland. Byron Bay hosts several coffee estates and cooperatives with rich, volcanic soil perfect for coffee growing.

To celebrate Australia Day, we have a delicious coffee in from Byron Bay showcasing the best of Aussie coffee with flavours of fruit juice and dark chocolate with a smooth finish! Try it in store or get in touch with us to order.