Because of the long and warm November afternoon and evenings, the following fika guide was written specifically with a picnic at the beach in mind – but if the sea is not readily available to you, any body of water will do. A bucket of water. If you can find some sand, wiggle your feet […]

Why use a recipe?

Yesterday I made some cherry shortbread cookies. I had a recipe but didn’t follow it, rather just eye-balled this, approximated that. They tasted okay (it being about 50% sugar and 50% butter and all), but I didn’t measure the cherries, got a bit overzealous and voila! A gloopy, pink blob of a cookie. Not the […]


You know that recipes are important, nay, crucial to making consistent coffees across time and space (i.e. time after time, and the space between you and the customer or fellow barista you are trying to communicate how to make this spectacular coffee. Yes, that was a stretch.) Let’s get a bit more into the nitty […]