Play a game of hypotheticals with me. If you had to lose one of your five senses, or else be slapped across the face with a fish, which one would you choose? The wet fish probably, I’m no good at hypotheticals. But let’s say one of those senses had to go, or something very unpleasant […]

Tips for Cupping like a Pro

Have you ever wondered what people were doing when they spoon out a bit of coffee from a bowl and slurp it? Have you ever questioned why they do it? Is it really necessary to make such loud and funny noises? Never fear; we are here to give you tips for cupping like a coffee […]

Cupping: Improving Your Coffee Palate

For anyone entering the coffee scene for the first time, coffee tasting (aka cupping) can be a somewhat intimidating experience. Confident baristas slurp their way around a table before making crazy in-depth and varying descriptions of what to the new comer all seem to be similar coffee beverages. There is really only one way to […]

Dessert & Coffee Event Recap

Thank you to everyone who came down last Thursday to our warehouse to eat and drink the flavour bombs! We took everyone through our latest range of single origin coffee served 3 ways, paired with the magical flavour guru Stuart from Miss Lilly’s Kitchen. We paired the following coffees with these desserts: El Salvador [Espresso] […]

Single Origin Tasting Tonight!

6PM Tonight @ TopHat Coffee Merchants in Clovelly We are showcasing our new range of single origin coffees and would love to see you there and chat about coffee. Maybe even have a cheeky beer as well [stag_map lat=”-33.91190″ long=”151.25848″ width=”100%” height=”350px” style=”none” zoom=”15″]