Sparkle: Our Special 2019 Christmas Coffee

Christmas is around the corner! This special time of year calls for a special coffee blend.

We’ve matched two amazing honey-processed coffees. This stunning blend of Sumatra Kerinci and El Salvador Villa Galicia creates a juicy orange and peach-like acidity, rich flavours of chocolate, ripe berries, pinot & black berry. Drink black, with milk or add a dash of rum to help that sparkle over the festive season!

This delicious blend is just like Christmas in a cup. It will be available to purchase at our Enmore cafe, as well as our wholesale partners from the second week of November.

We know that Christmas time is crazy for all hospitality owners. People are off on holidays, the weather is warm and people are celebrating with friends and family. Your seats are filling up fast! Keep your hopper full with our house blends and array of delicious single origin coffees from exotic destinations around the world!