Our Team: Meet Scott

Scott Fuhrmann
Age: 33

What is your role at BMR?

I’m the roaster here, among other things. Jess (owner) and I will cup the coffees I roast, and we make changes to those based on the cuppings. Jess has an amazing palate, I just try to learn as much from her as I can and bring as much as I can to the table. I also teach barista courses, do deliveries here and there and a bit of maintenance on the machines in the roastery. I’m looking to be able to service espresso machines for our accounts in the near future.

What is the best part about being a roaster?

The best thing about is I guess is that I’m always moving, always working. I was in the army for six years [as a helicopter mechanic] so moving as I work is part of what I’m used to. If I sit down for too long I don’t know what to do. This is probably the longest I’ll sit down all day!

When/how did you get into coffee?

My grandfather was a micro-gardener, and he co-owned a block of land in Perth. His Italian friend who he owned it with and worked with would take us to his home after a day of work and make us eat prodigious amounts of food. The meal was always finished with coffee, and that’s what started it, drinking his percolators. I was about 11. I’ve probably been experimenting with brewing for around 15 years, but only in a professional environment in the last year.

Favourite brewing process?

Still espresso. Just because there are so many dimensions to it and it’s so fast, so much happens at once. I can make espressos in between roasts and it adds to the chaos of everything in here.

Current favourite coffee?

A Costa Rica La Violeta Black Honey, roasted by Tin Man Coffee in Melbourne. Black Honey is a fairly rare processing method, and it has really amazing flavours typical of a Costa Rican. Amazing, amazing.

How many coffees do you drink a day?

[laughs] I think I’m running on… around seven today? Seven to fifteen depending on the day!