Meet Stuart from Miss Lilly’s Kitchen

We’ve been working with Stuart from Miss Lilly’s Kitchen since we opened our Enmore store about a year and a half ago. They bring us delicious cakes and desserts, and they also supplied desserts for our Dessert & Coffee Event last month. We asked Stuart a few questions so everyone can hear more about Miss Lilly’s Kitchen.

Tell us a little bit about Miss Lilly’s Kitchen

It started almost 3 years ago. I was a fine dining chef and I didn’t see the point of it anymore, long hours and pretentious food, it just wasn’t me. I quit my job, and I decide I wanted to do for myself. I thought about my food heroes and if I could be like any of them it would be Miss Lilly, my Grandmother. So I started Miss Lilly’s Kitchen and used her as my touch zone and whenever I am unsure I think back to Miss Lilly.

What is your most memorable coffee experience?

I lived in Europe for a while, and while I was working in the South of France as a private chef, every morning I would get up and go to the local markets and get all my produce. It was my morning ritual. And about 6 in the morning I would have fresh croissants and a couple of espressos. It’s that every morning ritual of sitting down and having an espresso… or two.

What is Miss Lilly’s Kitchens most popular cake?

The most popular sweet recipe is the cacao caramel brownie. It’s so insanely good. I’ve done it with smokey barbecue sauce, I’ve done it with fresh raspberries, every version I do just smashes it out of the park.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a one man band there’s no typical day! I get up at 5 in the morning, I make all my wholesale sweets and deliver those. And then back in the kitchen in the afternoon I smash out pie and tarts. And then I hang out with my wife in the evening, wake up the next day, and do it all again.


Next time you’re in Enmore be sure to grab one of Stuart’s delicious goods!


Stuart from Miss Lllly's Kitchen

Cacao brownie

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