Introducing Rosie’s

Who? Rosie’s

Where? 31 Alfreda St, Coogee

What? Restaurant/cocktail bar

Fast Five:

  1. What is the main idea behind Rosie’s?

‘Food as medicine’ is the heart of Rosie’s philosophy, and good food + fun is the best medicine of all! We aim to bridge the gap between ‘healthy’ and ‘fun’- you can have both at ROSIES. The entire menu is nutritionist approved, we are picky with your ingredients so that you don’t have to be. Come in, let your hair down, enjoy fresh wholefoods a sugar-free cocktail or an organic wine.

2. What drove you to create this healthy restaurant concept?

As a nutritionist living ‘balanced’ was one of the most discussed (and difficult to achieve) topics for my clients. They constantly live in an ‘being good /being bad’ mentality. Being kind to their bodies during the week then “cheating” all weekend. This doesn’t have to be the way. You can enjoy a delicious meal with friends, a wine and a cocktail without it being AS bad for your body. If you are going to treat yourself, let us give you more wholesome products to do it with. Our entire menu is wholefoods and refined sugar free, we have organic and residual sugar free wine options and all of our cocktails are free from simple syrup and sugary liquors.

3. What are your favourite aspects of working in hospitality?

I love the rush of a full room and the opportunity to have a one on one with the diners. There is no better feeling than when people come in saying they really relate to our concept.

4. What are you loving on your menu right now?

Seeing as it’s a little chiller at the moment I’ve been loving our heartier dishes like the beef short rib or rustic baked cauliflower. And of course, our RIOT house red wine.

5. Your go-to coffee?

My go-to coffee is a Bali Bulletproof, our rendition of a bulletproof coffee. Starts with a double shot of Black Market Roaster’s Liberty blend. Then we froth up a mixture of organic coconut cream with water. Serve latte style topped with cinnamon. Adding the extra healthy fats to your coffee gives a slow-release energy for hours after.

Find them on the ‘gram @rosiescoogee