Introducing Black Market Training

You need skills and we’ve got your back!

We are a specialty coffee barista training company. “So what?” you say? Well, there are many coffee training companies out there, but I bet most of them don’t know what brew ratios are or how to approach the extraction recipes of a wet processed vs a semi washed coffee…

Over the last four years we have been helping hundreds of baristas to get a specialty barista job, and even trained for the Australian Barista Championships.

This kind of knowledge takes time to build up. We are here to pass on that knowledge. Become a member of Black Market Training to see behind the curtain of a real specialty coffee bar.

We offer different courses for all skill levels:

  • Beginners Barista Course Don’t know anything about coffee? Can’t tell your cappuccino from your macchiato? That’s okay – we’ll teach you. Upon completion of this hands-on introductory course you will gain your Barista Certificate to show to prospective employers!
  • Advanced Course – If you’re already a barista looking to further develop and fine-tune your technique, our private course is perfect for you! A one-on-one session taught by our professionals, we tailor this course to suit your preferences. Time-slots are co-ordinated upon request!
  • Latte Art Course –  Mastering coffee art can be tricky, we get it! This focused course will teach you how to control your pour to create an array of coffee patterns and get that coffee looking photo ready. Book in today to produce the perfect cup!

Can’t get yourself to one of our locations for class? No worries. We are one of the first coffee companies to take your barista class online, because we believe everyone should have the chance to become the best barista they can be. With in-depth instructional videos and a course structure that mimics a professional learning environment, you can learn wherever you are around the world!

It doesn’t end either once you’re completed your course – stay up-to-date with the latest barista tips and developments by signing up to our monthly barista digest.