Storing coffee beans at home

Very simple this one…YOU DON’T! Well, in an ideal world, you will not keep coffee for longer than a few weeks. In this short post Black Market Roasters looks at the best way to keep your freshly roasted coffee…fresh!

Firstly, we need to realise that freshly roasted coffee, as it ages, loses volatile aromatics, beautiful oils and flavours that make it so special. That is not to say that we should all be drinking coffee that is 1 day from roast; it means that we need to understand why this so we can make amazing coffee at home, all the time. When the green coffee bean in roasted, it begins the process of letting off CO2 as well as many other aroma’s and oils which are inside the beans cell structure.

At this moment after roasting it is important we capture and seal this freshness so as to get it to you ASAP. At Black Market Roasters, we package very quickly after roasting your coffee beans, in a one way valve coffee bag, which releases CO2, but does not allow oxygen in. When it gets to your home or office, the beans will still be super fresh. Our advice is to open the bag, take out how many beans you need to make the coffee/s, and then reseal the zip lock bag ASAP. You can keep this bag anywhere on the bench in the kitchen. We wouldn’t recommend to refrigerate or freeze, we would rather you drink it!

At our Black Market Roasters online store, you will receive your beans with a roast date on them. You can keep track then of how fresh the beans are and be confident that you are drinking only the best coffee!

Black Market Roasters uses Arabica coffee beans for its coffee beans, freshly roasts them to order and delivers FREE to your door. We specialize in single origin coffee beans, coffee bean blends, best coffee beans, premium coffee beans, decaffeinated beans and filter coffee beans. Head over to our Beans Page to get started.