Making coffee with a stovetop coffee machine

As previously mentioned, this contraption was invented in 1933 by a dude named Luigi and it hasn’t changed a bit since then. Due to its large coffee dose to water ratio, you get a full bodied cup of coffee, the trick here is to ensure you use freshly roasted quality coffee.

Here is a basic rundown of the steps:

  • Boil your kettle and grind your beans
  • Fill the basket with the ground coffee, giving it a tap on the bench and using your finger to swipe the surface so it is nice and flat
  • Use a tamper or a flat round object (back of spoon) to push down on the coffee grounds. Don’t push crazy hard, try and make sure you push evenly right around the whole surface
  • Fill the bottom of the contraption with boiling water and place the basket in the water
  • Being careful not to burn yourself, screw the top on and place on your hot stovetop


As soon as you hear a gurgling noise or see coffee coming from the stem, take the pot off the heat ASAP, there will be enough pressure in the vessel to force the rest of the coffee up. The grind and dose size will affect the cup flavour massively, we would suggest starting with fixing the dose size and working on different grind settings and see how it tastes!

At Black Market Roasters, we would recommend either the Cumulus Blend or any of the single origins to use through a stovetop. Checkout our coffee bean shop for more details.