Have you seen this movie? It’s a documentary following Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief, and her staff as they put together their most renowned publication of the year – the September Issue. It’s basically what we do for the September Fika. Cut-throat decisions of which floral forward cake recipe to include, scouting trips to Morocco to find the best locations for reading books. We regularly have power lunches with media producers to find you avant garde music from the 80’s. Then we roll up our Valentino sleeves, splash Don Perignon on our faces and get down to work crafting the most venerated morning tea of the month. 


A couple of weeks ago I was standing in the supermarket staring at sardines. Such great packaging. I bought the tin with the coolest graphics, then googled lots of sardines on toast recipes that would take me back to the warm, salty, exceedingly delicious pintxos bars of San Sebastian where we ate a bounty of cured sardines, squid, olives and cheese on thick cut toast.. I peeled the tin and was met with bland, grey, wet fish. Turns out it wasn’t sardines I was remembering. Maybe they were anchovies. 

But until my next reconnaissance into the tinned seafood aisle, I’ll be making pintxos with tinned vegetables. Pair with coffee for breakfast, or champagne for dinner. 

Garlic and lemon smashed peas. 

I used tinned peas for thematic purposes. 


I like to dabble in fermenting. It keeps me grounded after a day of glitz and glamour at the coffee shop, to come home and make tepache. It’s honest work. Right now I’m making a ginger bug, a starter culture which forms the base of this ginger beer, and other sparkling probiotic elixirs that I will add tequila or champagne to.


When I have (used to have) my associates and confidantes over for repast at my studio, I’m usually too busy being fabulous to worry about having a small kitchen. The Put An Egg On It zine is a blog to read for folk such as we.


Refining our self-awareness and personal growth are valiant pastimes those of us who happen to be in among societies’ elite. Common People is a song of a girl’s journey among the less fortunate.