Oh hej! Välkommen to spring and our flowery spring edition of fikapaus. It’s the season of fresh starts and new beginnings, appreciating all that winter was with its rugs, mugs and uggs, hibernating and recuperating – but now we are ready to break out of our snug cocoon of comfort, feel the sun’s rays of merriment on our skin and smell the roses. Spring is here.


We’re drinking from ‘the hill of miracles’ in Chilapas, Mexico, and the results of their love and organic farming practices have produced nothing short of miraculous tasting coffee. The care they put into the land and bean dances on your tongue, and we’re pretty sure it’s why we’ve seen Dan our head roaster dancing around the warehouse. Notes of milk chocolate, cherry and hazelnut. Mmmmagical.


Orange Blossom Cakes. As Miranda Priestly (Merryl Streep) said, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Don’t care. They’re delicious.


I’m about to start reading this. Mystery, intrigue, fairytales and gardens. An appropriate choice for spring reading. Tell us what you think!


Ready to release your 70’s soul hippie inner self? With a touch of power ballad? You’ll start off imagining yourself walking listlessly in a field of flowers in the warm sun, and end up waving your hands in the air with a psychedelic choir of glory. .

Happy Spring!

Love BMR x