March’s Fika is all about a few things that are really great, but don’t mke a big song and dance about it. Take March for example, a shoulder month. It’s Autumn, but doesn’t have the public holidays that show pony April has, but still has great qualities. Surely. I guess it’s still kind of warm. Is it your birthday in March? That would be a good quality. Anyway…

FIKA FEED: Pairing Coffee and Cheese

Wine has had the monopoly on cheese and bickies for too long. Move over merlot, SL28 coming in hot.

Try these pairings for a better morning tea.

Brie + Brasil: for a creamy, float away on a cloud morning 

Vintage Cheddar + Kenya: for a sharp and crisp pick-me-up 

Blue Vein + slices of pear + Costa Rican: for a funky fresh and fruity fika.

Tasty + Vita Wheats + Whatever you have on hand: for everyday. It’ll still be great.

Just to be clear, I am in no way advocating coffee and cheese should usurp wine and cheese, but a necessary parallel, the morning bookend of a healthy fika routine. 


READ: Second Best by Ben Pobjie

One of my favourite tees is from Hiller Goodspeed, an illustrator, that has a little guy wearing a pointy hat, under a banner that reads, ‘good, but not the best. #2.’ Hilarious. Realistically positive. This book is a wordier account of people throughout history who embody this concept. It’s funny, interesting, and a satisfying vindication of forgotten high achievers.


LISTEN: ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’ by Dean Martin and RJD2

I’m not a huge big band fan, so I was surprised when this song made it into my Spotify Radio, and surprised again when my shoulders started bopping and my head nodding along. I knew the song, but somehow this was different. Better. So I looked at the artist – Dean Martin, yep, and RJD2! Of course. A producer who makes music better. Have a bop along!