Are you on holidays right now? I really hope so. If not, sorry about it. In any case, read on for ideas on how to either fill your long summer days with sweet, blissful requiescent things, or pretend you’re still on holidays. I did have to look up the definition of requiescence, and I’m pretty sure it’s the word I’m aiming for – intentional relaxation, stilnessl and calmness. Another synonym was ataraxia, but that sounds horrid and not at all relaxing, but rather an unwanted disease contracted from a tropical spider, so I shan’t use it. But I circumlocate the topic at hand! Which is enjoying the heck out of your holiday/lunch break with something to read, something to hear, something to eat, and something to bear (beer).


Apartmento Magazine is a look into the homes and lives of people more interesting and accomplished than me. I’d like to say it’s inspiring, but I think it’s more envy inducing. Still, I read. Here’s a look into Lykke Li’s house in Los Angeles.


Tame Impala released another album, huzzah! Very good wafting around your house, swaying side to side, slowly waving your hands in the air while drinking coffee in the morning. But works just as well as background music for your summer barbecues, guests swaying side to side, slowly waving sausages in the air while prodding the rissoles in the late arvo.

Listen hear. Ha! I mean here.


Since I just mentioned barbecues, it’s time to slide on your sandals, get the tomato sauce out of the fridge, and light up the grill because it’s time to fika together. 

Salad: Chang’s Crispy Asian Noodle Salad. The be all and end all of all packet recipes. If you’re in a group message of what to bring to a bbq, claim this one quick because there’s always one person who jumps in first with this recipe and it’s always the same person and everyone knows they’re taking the easy way out. Make sure it’s you.

On the BBQ: Herby Portabello Mushrooms. 

Dessert: Grilled Peaches. The barbecue’s already out so you might as well.


Young Henry’s Newtowner

Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer

Make a Shrub if you’re feeling fancy and a quick project. I’ll be making a peach + black pepper one because I was just given a lot of peaches and I like pepper. I don’t have a recipe for it so it may turn out like my cherry shortbread cookies. Good luck to me! Also saw a serving suggestion of adding sparkling wine. I welcome these kinds of suggestions. 

A very happy summer fikapaus to you.