This edition we’ve got good warm feelings from both cosy winter treats, and Indian inspired culture. Warming you from the inside and outside.


Tis the season to be jolly with a warm mug of mulled wine while sitting around the fireplace/fire pit with a bowl of the below in hand.


Sticky date pudding. obviously with a hearty scoop of ice cream on top. And with a glass of the above beverage in hand. 


It’s winter – go ice skating! You might be waiting a while to find a frozen lake around here, so best find an indoor rink.


Sea of Poppies

This book is one of my faves, it’s part of a trilogy (of which I have read… one), set in India, which is on theme for July here at Black Market. It’s a saga, following a number of beautiful, strange, and harrowing characters as they traverse the globe in the time of the opium wars. Some cross paths, some rediscover themselves, some get justice, others don’t. It’s a heartwarming tale which is perfect for a winter read.


I would say it’s fairly well known the Beatles spent a good chunk of time under the influence of India. Here are a couple of tracks that will have you floating away under the influence too.

The Inner Light 

Norwegian Wood