We’re doing a deep dive into Indo coffee culture next month, but I got overly enthusiastic about it so it’s spilled over into this month’s fika. What you gonna do. I’m intrigued by the incongruity of Indonesian culture – intense cities and lackadaisical beaches. I was watching a show the other day (Love on The Spectrum – I haven’t words warm enough to describe how this show makes my heart) and a character loved sitting on the balcony and watching the world go by. I thought, how lovely. How fika. She especially liked counting the tyres of the passing vehicles on the highway her balcony fronted on to. I thought, how appropriate for a fika in indonesia, where you’re either relaxing by the ocean or overlooking rice paddies, book in one hand, bevvy in the other, or, when you’re not doing that, you’re likely in an ocean of tuk tuks and scooters, a constant meditation of soothing revs and chatty beeps. A brave bicycle bell tinkling through the gaps. I think both scenarios are just as perfect for a fika in Indonesia.


We’ve got a really exciting specialty coffee from Indo coming next month, but until then…

Bin Tang. 

And get a Bin Tang sleeveless shirt while you’re there otherwise how will anyone know you’ve been to Bali?


Gado Gado

It’s it’s good good.


Indonesia has a few great classic and contemporary authors. Pramoedya Ananta Toer is one of their best, and his work often deals with Indonesian political and cultural struggles, as the country fought for independence against a number of rules and occupations.

The Earth of Mankind is the first of a quartet, an epic read, and written while he was in prison. 

After you’ve finished that, hop onto the Indonesian blog Hot Chocolate and Mint. Which as far as I can tell, has no commentary on Indonesian politics, but a lot on how to use as many colours and patterns in the one space and somehow make it cohesive. Which is a true talent. 


Kartini: The Javanese Princess. A beautiful story of an Indonesian woman fight for her right to education under the Dutch rule in the 1900’s 

 The Act of Killing Maybe read the reviews to see if this is for you before diving in! A documentary of a thought experiment… it’s a bit dark. But wild!

Eat Pray Love. I told you Indonesia was a land of dichotomic culture, and so are my tastes. Don’t judge.