Because of the long and warm November afternoon and evenings, the following fika guide was written specifically with a picnic at the beach in mind – but if the sea is not readily available to you, any body of water will do. A bucket of water. If you can find some sand, wiggle your feet in it, rub some in your hair, sprinkle some in your undies and it will greatly increase authenticity.


Good for morning tea, afternoon tea, or post fish and chips.

Coffee + chocolate sorbet

An obvious choice.

Grapefruit + Campari sorbet

This one would go down really well pool-side. It’s’ kind of but not really like a frozen Aperol Spritz


Seltzers are in. As a friend said recently: How good that it’s acceptable to drink these around playgrounds without looking creepy now! Okay Darren.

You heard him – go grab a four-pack and get yourself to the slippery dip!

Drink responsibly.


Breath by Tim Winton.

Have you read much by the darling of stark, somewhat harrowing, some may even say bleak portrayal of Australian culture in literature? No? I don’t know what’s taking you so long.

Start with this novel about a boy and his navigating relationships with friends, family, mentors, and the ocean. I’m no surfer, but Tim’s writing of the sea gave me the skin tingling heeby jeebies that I imagine I would get at the top of a triple overhead wave about to drop in. 


This was tricky. No one ever sings about the sea.

Orinoco Flow : my favourite

(Sittin on) the Dock of a Bay : classic

Fisherman’s Blues : by Emilia Clarke aka Danaeris Stormborn aka Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons

At The River by Groove Armada : for something modern. But is it? When does something pass into modern history? Surely more than 21 years. Surely.

Enjoy the water! Play responsibly. Wait 20 minutes after eating before swimming.

Wear sunscreen.