COFFEE OF THE MONTH! Indonesia Wahana Estate

Spring is in the air and with it comes my appetite for cold brew and bright roast filter coffees. Especially ones that are reminiscent of the summer fruits we start to see at this time of year. So it only seems right  that my pick for this month is this amazing Indonesian coffee from Wahana estate.

Wahana Estate is a long time favourite of ours. It has fruit driven flavours with clarity and a bit of flare. It was also one of the first Indonesian coffees that really made us go back for more! This particular crop is P88 varietal, which is relatively new to the area and proving to yield even more delicious flavours. You’ll taste notes of fresh herbs, lemon tea and toasted marshmallow.  

Best brewed as a cold brew or a pour over method, either of these are expanding some of the fantastic heracious qualities and allowing the vanilla sweetness to shine through.